Monday, August 29, 2011

One Cookbook to Rule Them All

I am astounded and overwhelmed by the vast number of cookbooks which are available anywhere from grocery stores to hardware stores to the library. And with the prevalence of recipe websites, you can find directions for any dish in less than .2 seconds. The problem is, many of these recipes are not tried and true.

And that's where this big beauty of a cookbook comes in.

Joy of Cooking contains 4,500 recipes that have been perfected over 75 years. Everything in this book is accurate and delicious. (I sound like an ad, but believe me, no one is paying me for this!)

It contains recipes that are super easy,

fun and adventurous,

and so awesome that I will probably only ever dream about doing them.

Tapping for maple syrup.
(Just kidding! I make grilled cheese all the time and it's so easy,
I have no idea why there is a recipe for it in the book.)

So, consider starting your Christmas Wish List now and consider putting Joy of Cooking on it!

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