Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going Simple. Going Green.

Michael and I love simplicity. Although our lives often look and feel far from simple, we're always looking for ways to trim the fat and streamline our lives. So, when we found out that we were going to move, we intentionally looked for a place that was close to his job and close to a train station so that we could simplify from two cars to one car.

We found an apartment in a great location, purchased a monthly train pass, and were given an old bike from my parents. Now we are in the process of getting rid of Michael's car. Here are the perks that we've discovered from this new lifestyle:

  • Biking places gives you LOTS of exercise.
  • Taking the train and riding a bike pollute much less than driving everywhere.
  • A bike is much cheaper to maintain than a vehicle.
  • You can get studying done or simply relax on the train rather than sitting in Los Angeles' infamous traffic jams.
  • A train ticket is cheaper than gas and wear & tear on a vehicle. (especially since I get a 10% student discount from Metrolink and then a 50% "thank you for not filling up our parking garage" discount from my school). 
  • We still have a car for convenience when biking and public transportation don't work so well. i.e. buying lots of groceries and going on road trips.
And the best part of all...

Being disgustingly adorable at the train station when we say hello and goodbye!

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